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Friday, June 17, 2005

Itís funny, the things Iíll do for Julie that I wonít do for the Boss. She had a tough day hunting gophers out on the ranch, and so she came in to do a little late paperwork. I know that because she faxed me a bunch of spreadsheet work tonight at 7:30 pm (sooooo glad they finally got the fax line strung out into the desert where she lives).

Then she called and told me not to worry about it until tomorrow. Well, whenever I hear ďtomorrow,Ē I think ďmorning.Ē And when Iím thinking about Saturday morning, Iím not thinking about spreadsheets. Iím thinking about sleeping. Iím basically thinking about not thinking. So I put in a little extra time, gave up some of my Friday night for The Cause.

But if the Boss had faxed me anything at 7:30 on Friday night, I probably wouldnít have tackled it until Sunday night. And I definitely wouldnít have faxed it back to him until Monday morning. I will not be taken advantage of. I will occasionally melt into a puddle, but only on my terms. Is that clear? I knew that it was.

17 June 2005

Break in the storm?

I dodged one big bullet today. Tim was supposed to come by (to my house!) to bring me some paperwork for the insurance changeover. I asked the Boss about this at midday, and he said Tim was there at the kennel, bullying his crew (as usual). So I sez, sez I, ďWhy donít you get the papers from him and mail them to me yourself? That way Iíll know itís been handled, and itíll save him a trip.Ē I didnít add the obvious, that it would also save me from having to worry about a visit from an 800-pound gorilla. You can never be fully prepared for that.

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Letís say your ace starter takes a four-hit shutout into the ninth inning but then loads the bases on three straight singles. So you bring on your closer and are willing to give up a run for each out. With a 4-0 lead, thereís no way they can catch you that way. But what does your young closer do? He strikes out the next three batters to end the game with his tenth straight save. Thatís what he does. Itís a good thing Jason Schmidt pitched in Detroit tonight, because he wonít be there next month for the All Star Game. But Tyler Walker, the closer (and native San Franciscan)? Heís one possibility to represent the Giants in that game.

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