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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Now, you might think that 8:30 pm isnít a good time to take a nap. But Iím telling you that when your sleep habits are as bad as mine, you take what you can get. Thatís especially true if you had as bad a night the night before as I had last night. And lately, I havenít been able to sleep as late as Iíd like in the mornings, even on weekends.

Besides, it wasnít even dark yet! Thatís one of the things I like about this time of year. In the winter, it gets dark at the best time of day, just when Iím starting to wake up, in the middle of the afternoon, just a few short hours after I got out of bed. In the summer, which it almost is at last, there are so many more hours of daylight to enjoy, at a time when I can actually enjoy them.

Because anything that happens before noon on a Saturday might as well be happening to somebody else. Iím probably not going to be there, or if I am there, Iím probably not going to be able to take full advantage. You have to be awake to enjoy being awake, whereas I can enjoy being asleep at just about any time such a magical phenomenon should happen to occur.

18 June 2005


Itís not as if the day had been a total waste, but everyone I know was either out of town or busy. Besides, it was too wet to work outside with the mower, and too windy for me to be out there anyway. I mean, a person has to breathe, and Iím not going to give that up even for the sake of better landscaping.

I should really just pay someone to go over the yard one time, but I seem to have lost my one and only contact. I have his truck, but someone else has him. Sounds like a country song (but more Patsy Cline than Gretchen Wilson, if you know what I mean). Anyway, I wanted to prove to myself that I could take care of the yard on my own. Instead, I seem to be proving that I canít, which is kind of discouraging. And tiring. I think I need a nap.

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The Giants kept hitting tonight, but they could never get the big one they needed. It was the Tigers who kept battering the ball all over the park, and stringing hits together, and getting them at the right time. Thatís how, despite getting 12 hits, the Giants lost tonight in Detroit, 8-2, breaking their modest three-game winning streak.

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