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Thursday, June 16, 2005

You know, I sometimes complain when it rains. (No, really. I do.) Iím not really a winter person, and Iím used to long, hot, dry summers. Thatís my kind of weather, although I can sort of sympathize with people who like cooler weather. I donít get it, but you donít have to like hot days just because I do.

Today I found myself walking across the supermarket parking lot between showers. The air smelled so fresh and the light seemed to make the cars and the pavement so luminous that I had to smile. Maybe this is why some people donít mind the rain. I took a deep breath (and didnít even cough or sneeze).

The good feeling didnít last long. All it took was three trips from the garage to the house, unloading my groceries in the rain, to remind me. Still, I didnít have to be out in it after that, and I donít mind looking at it through the big picture windows all around my great room. Iíll just be a lot happier when the sun comes out again.

13 June 2005

A more interesting sky from a different day.

Part of the glow I felt might have been because I spent a little time with Aiden this morning. It was no more than ten minutes, but it can really brighten your day when you see a babyís face light up when you walk into the room. He waved goodbye to me when I left, and then followed me to the door (to make sure I was really leaving, I think).

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The Giants are through for the season with the fake grass and indoor baseball in Minnesota, but they might not be so eager to leave. They seem to have found their batting strokes there, against the team with the best earned run average in baseball. They came back to lead after going down 4-0 in the first inning, but the two teams went into the ninth inning tied, 7-7, with the Twinsí ace closer (former Giant) Joe Nathan coming on to pitch. Zap! Before the Twins could get out of the inning, the Giants had scored seven runs, and they held on to win, 14-7.

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