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Monday, July 6, 2009

Somehow today I had to find the motivation to put in a full dayís work. The fact that I had no choice, because certain things have to be done, and some of them had to be done today, helped me find that motivation. Once I get started, my biggest problem is maintaining momentum. I only have to stop for a minute to lose an hour. Sometimes I can lose a whole day that way, but I couldnít let that happen today.

And so weíre back to the well-known love/hate relationship I have with deadlines. I love them because I fear them, and the fact that I fear them makes it possible for me to satisfy them. I feel sort of the same way about my job in general. I donít hate it, and I donít love it, but I love having it, and I like it well enough to want to do it well. Today was one of those days when I think I succeeded, possibly more in spite of myself than because of anything I brought to the table.

5 July 2009

Red Tip Lettuce Salad, with cucumber, tomato and mango.

Today marks exactly three months that Iíve been on the E2 plant-based diet. Thatís three months with no meat, eggs or dairy, and I feel better and stronger than I have in years. (And I have a lot of years to count backwards on.) I havenít been tempted to backslide, not even once, and Iím eating more while losing a few pounds. The food is never boring, and when I want a snack I always have cut-up bell peppers, along with other fruits and veggies. One big surprise: My favorite dessert topping has turned out to be soy yogurt!

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Giants 5, Marlins 4. On the same day the Giants launched a campaign to get Pablo Sandoval voted into the All Star Game, he proved that he should already have been picked for the game by hitting a grand slam that held up for the win and gave Matt Cain, already an all star, his tenth win. Brian Wilson, on the other hand, proved that he probably shouldnít be an all star by very nearly blowing the game, loading the bases and giving up two runs in the ninth before closing it out. The Giants played some uncharacteristically shaky defense, but they also had two outfielders, rightfielder Nate Schierholtz and leftfielder Andres Torres, throw out Marlin runners at second base.

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