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Wednesday, July 6, 2005

Itís a shame I have to browbeat my hair stylist to get the do I deserve, but I didnít want this do to do what the last do did, and I told her so. And she understood (although I think she had some doubts about me).

Well of course she understood me. Shorter, shorter, shorter. Iím not sure how many times I said it, but I told her that two days after the last time I was there, I needed another haircut. She showed me the clippers she planned to use on the sides, and I asked if she had any that would cut it shorter. She was aghast, but she brought out the number ones.

Then she asked if I didnít want to leave enough on top so that it would lie down and not stick up. I said that I didnít care if it stuck up. I told her I wouldnít be mad at her if she cut it too short. I was thinking there was no such thing as too short, and I was right. I knew she would stop short of a buzz cut, because of all the questions she was asking.

So, for the first time in yeeeeears, I have the haircut I wanted. For the first time ever I have the one I asked for. No, it doesnít look that great, but at least it wonít look ten times worse in two days. Number one clippers on the sides, finger length on top. Thatís for future reference. I told her Iíd be back in a month and that Iíd remember what she did right.

6 July 2005

Abandoned vehicle.

More good news: There is a tag from the sheriffís office on the front window of the yard guyís truck that has been in my yard since, uh, March (I think). I didnít call the sheriff, but I assume my landlord did. He said he was going to — in, uh, May (I think). I donít think the sheriff would come onto private property on his own. Anyway, the note says they have ten days or the truck will be towed away.

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Just when you think your team is never going to get another big hit ever, their sensational rookie Lance Niekro comes through with a pinch-hit triple to cap a four-run fifth inning. Thatís how the Giants found themselves on their way to a 7-2 win over the Reds tonight. They got more hits and more runs after that fifth-inning rally, but it all has to start somewhere, especially when a team has been leaving runners on base all season. It might not mean the start of a miracle run for the postseason, but it gives a big lift to a team, and also to fans who continue to come out in big numbers despite a disappointing first half.

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