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Friday, July 6, 2007

After a week of almost total neglect, the birds are finally flocking to the new feeder on my back porch. Iíd begun to wonder if they would ever come back around, but for the last two days there have been two or three at a time on the feeder nearly all day long. Finches, mostly, it seems so far. Sometimes I chase the crows away, but only because they bully the smaller birds. Besides, all theyíre interested in is knocking the seed onto the ground. If they prefer to feed off the ground, there are better places.

The other birds are coming back to the yard, too. The sparrows and phoebes never leave for good, but lately Iíve also seen a few orioles. These arenít the orange eastern ones, but the bright yellow western variety. And this afternoon I was treated to the return of the bushtits, scampering all over the garden in clusters, flying (and landing) upside down at times. Or so it seems.

Itís been brutally hot all week, until today, which is why I was out in the garden at all. After making myself a hollow promise to get out every day and fill the yard waste container every week, I havenít done any weeding since I hauled the container in from the road last Friday. I even got an extra day, because of the holiday. Pickup this week is on Saturday morning instead of Friday. When I started working, I thought I was just getting a head start on filling it up for next week, but I kept at it until it was full nearly to the top, so out to the road it went.

8 July 2007

Not everything in the garden has survived my neglect.

So I guess when it comes down to it, I did keep my promise. I just did everything in one day instead of spreading it out through the week. And I didnít cheat. Well, not much. Maybe I grabbed some loose twigs to fill up the container, instead of pulling weeds that are actually defiling the landscape. And maybe I didnít cut the blackberry bramble down into small pieces, the way I usually do, so that it filled the container faster. That would be cheating if I did it that way every week, but just this once? I donít think so. (I guess weíll see over the next week whether I need to rethink my rationalization.)

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