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Monday, July 18, 2005

Sometimes itís hard to know what to say. And what not to say. And to whom to say it or not to say it. Lifeís just hard, you know? Especially when other people are involved.

When the Boss phoned this morning, he told me he had a good day with his family yesterday. It was almost as if he had forgotten that there was a Saturday before there was a Sunday. Well, if he thought I didnít know about the surprise luau, I wasnít going to ask him about it. In fact, Iíd prefer that he think I knew nothing about it and had nothing to do with it. (Unless, of course, it was a big success and he loved it.)

Later in the day I was talking to Tim, waiting for him to give me a clue, but I finally had to ask. ďHow was Saturday?Ē When he hesitated before answering, I kind of wished I hadnít said anything. On the other hand, he knew I knew about the party, so it would have looked funny if I hadnít asked. I think What do I know? Iím a hermit with poor social skills.

It wasnít everything he hoped it would be. He was hoping for a hundred people and got about fifty. But the Boss had a good time, and thatís what really mattered. He was surprised by the event itself, and by the fact that his daughters and their kids were there. He even danced the hula. So I guess it wasnít the colossal catastrophe that some of us (his ex-wife and his girlfriend and I) had feared.

On the other hand, Tim is cringing about what will happen when the Boss sees the bills. He might think Tim should have paid for the whole thing, but Tim thinks itís such good advertising that itís a legitimate business expense (even though it was a birthday party, and itís a stretch to find the connection between hula dancers and our business). Tim is all about promotion, even if some of his ideas are a little out there (not to mention expensive).

18 July 2005

You want dandelions? I got dandelions.

ďHeís probably going to tell me weíre never going to do this again,Ē Tim told me. ďBut Iím going to tell him weíre going to do this every year until heís dead.Ē Weíll see who ends up dead first, once the bills start rolling in. I think Iím in the clear, because the Boss apparently doesnít know I was even invited. Iím glad I had the good sense to keep my mouth shut. Thatís one of my better qualities, by the way.

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I donít know if the Braves still consider themselves ďAmericaís Team,Ē but they have a bunch of players with unfamiliar names on this yearís roster. Nevertheless, it was two guys named Jones (Andruw and Chipper) who homered in the first inning, on the way to a 6-1 win over the Giants. Along the way, Andruw hit another one out and had four of his teamís six RBIs. Giants started Kevin Correia made some very good pitches, but he made just enough very bad ones to cost himself and his team the game. Itís a fine line, and it seems this is the year that every mistake is going to cost the Giants. A better time (like, say, the Braves) can get away with more.

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