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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

This month of July is eating me alive. Every morning I wake up and stare into the void. I have a to-do list that keeps getting longer while the time keeps getting shorter. Itís kind of paralyzing when thereís so much to do youíre afraid to get started. The more work there is, the less I get done; itís one of those unnatural laws.

Part of the panicky feeling comes from not being able to let everything come down to its deadline, the way I usually do. I can get things done because I have to, unless thereís so much to do that it canít all be done at the last minute. I probably should have disciplined myself not to rely so much on deadlines, but itís always worked in the past. Now I have no choice but to manage my time better.

The big problem is that this is the first July when I have two companies to account for instead of just one. The Kennel accounting is much simpler than what I do for the construction company, but itís also completely different from anything Iíve ever done before. I have to create from scratch the systems and spreadsheets that will eventually make things go more smoothly. But this year, nothing is going smoothly.

July isnít just another month when quarterly taxes are due. Itís also the month when the insurance company decides it wants to look at my books. I have an auditor coming to my house next Monday, and Iím not nearly ready for him. The books arenít ready, and the house really isnít ready. My weekend will be spent dusting and vacuuming and cleaning up the spreadsheets. And hoping against hope that the Boss leaves me alone, for once.

18 July 2005

There isn't much color in my garden these days.

Iím not sure what he had in mind, but the Boss kept faxing me extra work until well past dark tonight. And it stays light for a long time in the summertime. Every time I thought he couldnít possibly still be working, here would come something else for me to type. I did it because it was better than having all that work face me first thing tomorrow morning. But (believe it or not) along about 8:30 pm or so, I sort of started to resent it, just a little. Shame on me, eh?

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In this series with the Braves, the Giants have had trouble pushing runs across the plate. Theyíve managed to get runners on base, but double plays and pop ups have killed many potential rallies. That lasted until the seventh inning tonight, when Pedro Feliz hit a massive three-run homer that turned a 3-1 deficit into a 4-3 lead. Tyler Walker couldnít hold that lead in the top of the ninth, but the offense bailed him out in the bottom of the inning, putting together the hits they needed to break the tie and come out with a 5-4 win. Beating the Braves is always big, especially when it turns out youíre the only team in your division to win tonight.

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