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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Julie phoned me this morning to see if I’d heard anything about the big blowout at the Kennel yesterday. So obviously nobody talks to her, either. The ill-conceived surprise birthday luau for the Boss (the “first annual”) either went off without a hitch or ended in a bloody conflagration. The only thing I know for sure is that he wasn’t answering his phone today.

When she phoned, I accidentally answered with the name of the company. She told me I was supposed to say “hello” on Sunday, but to me this was going to be a work day. I was going to spend it doing the Kennel billings that I didn’t get around to yesterday. And if I hadn’t had to take so many breaks, it might have got done. On the other hand, if it weren’t such a boring task, I might have stuck with it long enough to get it done.

Tammy called early this afternoon and asked if I could keep Titus while they went out to the coast. He has a bad limp, and they knew he would want to run on the beach. The kennel (the real one) wouldn’t take him. They apparently don’t want to be responsible for damaged dogs. So I agreed, and I have to say he wasn’t much trouble.

Still, he wanted me to sit in the recliner and watch TV instead of sitting at the computer and working. Every time I moved, he decided he needed to go outside. And every time he went outside, he would wander off, down the driveway or out toward the road, so I had to follow him. He was very good about coming back when called, although the limp kept him from loping back with his usual enthusiasm.

17 July 2005

Aiden and Tammy.

My reward for taking care of Titus was a brief visit from Aiden (and his parents) when they came to pick up the dog and take him to the vet. There’s no such thing as too much Aiden time, and I’d gladly give up a whole day’s work for a few minutes of hearing him laugh. Today he explored the mysteries of my phone, pushing buttons and listening to tones he doesn’t usually get to hear on his parents’ cell phones. He took this matter quite seriously, as a matter of fact.

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Now that the Giants’ pitching is starting to come around, it’s time for the hitters to come out of their slump. Brad Hennessey deserved a win today after pitching into the seventh inning and giving up just one run. But the Dodgers held onto a 1-1 tie until the ninth, when Michael Tucker’s two-out, three-run homer gave the Giants a 4-1 win and their third victory in the four-game series. Until that home run, this looked like one of those games that could stay tied for fourteen or fifteen innings, until both teams ran out of pitching and some guy just up from Fresno or Las Vegas walked four batters in a row. This ending was much more satisfying.

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