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Saturday, July 16, 2005

The first thing I did after falling out of bed this morning was peek through the mini-blinds to see if there was a package on my porch. There wasnít, but I wasnít surprised. In fact, Iíd been warned that just because my copy of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince had been shipped on time didnít mean it would be delivered today. So I was prepared to be disappointed (which doesnít make the disappointment any less disappointing).

I told everyone I was going to leave my answering machine on all day, so I wouldnít have to talk to anyone about the big luau at The Kennel. But I didnít, and I talked to nearly everyone I know at some point. Suzanne even phoned from the houseboat, to see if her copy of the book (I ordered two) was here. I told her no, and then looked outside again and there it was! It must have come while I was on one of my other phone calls, because I didnít hear the truck.

While I was out making my post office run this afternoon (there is no such thing as doing anything productive on Saturday morning, not for me), I dropped Suzanneís copy by her house. Eric is home overnight because heís playing baseball tomorrow, and heíll pick up the book and take it up to the lake when he goes back.

My plan was to spend the day working. I have bills to get out to all our kennel clients. We do that around the fifteenth of each month. My trigger to get started is when the electrical meter readings are faxed to me, and that happened yesterday. But I also wanted to read the book, and I wanted to watch the race and the ballgame. So the billings will wait until tomorrow, because I managed to do all of those other things instead.

And then tonight I got a call from Tammy asking if I wanted to meet her and David and Aiden at a restaurant for dinner. Well, yeah. Iíd just been whining earlier in the day that I hadnít seen Aiden in two weeks, so I wasnít going to let anything (even the fact that I didnít shave today) stop me. I got in the car and headed south to Rohnert Park and promptly got lost driving around in circles. I passed the place three times before finding the entrance on the fourth.

I think thatís why I never go anywhere, or maybe itís why nobody ever invites me. I wasnít totally lost, just lost enough not to know how to get to where I thought I was going. As it turned out, there was a twenty-minute wait for a table anyway, so they were just sitting down when I got there.

But it was worth it, because Aiden was in a good mood. He was talking to the waitress and offering her a bite of his breadstick. He growled at a little girl sitting at a table across the room. He threw an olive that landed under someone elseís table. He made faces at me and imitated every gesture I made and smiled the whole time.

Then he got fussy. He wasnít bad, not in the sense of either being naughty or being out of control. He was just a little unhappy, but heís teething again so he has that right. He still has only four teeth, all in front. I donít know why it has to be so miserable for babies to cut teeth. It just doesnít seem fair, but all in all, Aiden handles it pretty well. Better than you or I would, probably.

8 July 2005

Leafy shadows on a bed of weeds.

I didnít get very deeply into the book yet, but I want it to last a while, so I donít really mind. I did get far enough to spot a glaring spelling error on page 10. Harryís name isnít mentioned until page 25, and he doesnít show up in person until page 38. So already itís different from the other books. Iím really going to try to get that billing done tomorrow, but if I donít, J.K. Rowling will probably be the reason. Thanks, Jo.

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One out away from their third straight win over the Dodgers, everything went wrong for the Giants today. Tyler Walker had retired the first two batters in the bottom of the ninth easily, and it seemed he would hold on to the 4-3 lead. But then there was a walk (ugh!) and a hit and another hit, and the game was tied. Then, with the bases loaded, he struck out Jason Phillips to send the game into extra innings. Except that he didnít. Apparently none of the umpires had seen Phillips swing at strike three, and it was called a ball. Reprieved, he immediately singled to right to drive in the winning run in what turned out to be a 5-4 Giants loss, one of the most bitter defeats of the year.

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