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Friday, January 28, 2005

Despite my worst fears (well, not my worst fears, but some distressingly dreadful fears nonetheless), it didnít rain all day today. It rained enough that I used the windshield wipers on my way to the post office this morning. It rained enough that I slipped in the mud as I walked out to the mailbox this afternoon. It rained enough to keep the birdbath filled to overflowing. But it didnít rain all day, and for that Iím grateful.

After scrambling for money all week, I got a check in the mail today. It was a small one, but enough to keep the heat and lights on for a few more days. I brought it home from the post office, prepared the deposit, and then took it to the bank (where I waited in line for fifteen minutes for the second day in a row). But thereís a positive balance in the company account again, at least for now.

It wonít last long, if Tim has anything to say about it. No sooner did I get home from the bank than I got a call from him. Heíd told one of our suppliers that we would pay them today. The bill isnít even (technically) due yet, but °Zas! There went ten percent of the paltry few dollars Iíd just deposited. I should never have answered the phone.

Thatís a good policy any time, whether I have money or not. People trying to get paid donít want to hear that I donít have any money, thatís for sure. And if I do have money, I donít necessarily want everybody to know it. I need to be able to pick and choose who gets paid. What I donít need is for Tim or the Boss to make promises that I have to keep.

Anyway, Iím not complaining. (Well, I guess I am.) I do have money, and after paying the most urgent bills, I managed to save enough to get through next weekís payroll. After about Tuesday or Wednesday, Iíll be back in panic mode again. I should be numb by now, but it never really gets easier.

28 January 2005

Cloud monster.

This check I got today was promised last week. When it hadnít come by Monday, I had the Boss phone them and use his mean voice to ask about it. Oh, he was told, it was being mailed right now. Somehow it didnít make it from San Mateo to Santa Rosa, less than a hundred miles, for four days. I checked the postmark, and it was dated Tuesday. Still, thatís a long time. Thatís a long enough time to feed my ulcer and make me cranky. Itís a darn good thing it didnít rain all day, or I might be all upset.

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Sammy Sosa wearing the orange and black? Yes, but itís the other orange and black team. He wonít be playing alongside Barry Bonds in the oldest outfield in the majors, because it seems the Cubs are trading him to the Orioles (another team with some long-in-the-tooth players). It also looks as if the Orioles stole the Sosa deal out from under their new archrivals, the Nationals. Sosa wore out his welcome in Chicago last season, with his complaining (not to mention a serious fall-off in production), so a change was definitely in order.

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