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Friday, January 23, 2009

What do they call it when everything seems to go wrong at once? Monday? Not this week. This quarterly and year-end stuff is pretty easy, actually, as long as everything balances and I donít make any mistakes. As soon as something goes kablooey, the whole house of cards collapses and Iím left in an endless loop of 52 Pick-up.

Today was about as bad as it gets, and I lost a bit of composure. Just ask the Boss, who didnít deserve the way I shouted at him over the phone. All I wanted was for him to tell those people who keep faxing things for him to me to fax them directly to him, so that my fax wasnít tied up and I could get my work done. Somehow I got the message across at full volume. I had to call him back later and apologize.

Not only was everything happening at once, but everything seemed to be going wrong. I kept making mistakes, and when I wasnít making mistakes I was finding mistakes Iíd already made. I had to let one of our employees know that a corrected W-2 was on the way, and then I couldnít find the file with the original W-2s, so I wasted an hour and a half of a perfectly good Friday afternoon tearing the place apart looking for it.

Well, yes. I did find that file. But only after giving up and sitting with my feet up for a few minutes, which turned into a couple of hours when I fell asleep in the recliner. Obviously that lack of sleep is a big part of my problem, and one I wonít be in a position to solve until January is over. (I did get some good news today when I looked at the tax return and found that because January 31 is a Saturday, the deadline is February 2. Which isnít much consolation, but is some.)

21 January 2009

Porch boards.

My back is aching, my legs are wobbly and my brain is fried. Falling asleep in the middle of the day only puts me that much further behind, but I could barely move around the room by that time, so I wasnít accomplishing much anyway. Despite my whining, I did get a lot done today (and not just correcting past errors). I think I almost see a dim light, way down at the end of the tunnel. Unless itís another oncoming train, of course.

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