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Friday, January 23, 2004

Even though I still have fewer than 6,000 miles on my Saturn, Kermit got his twelve-month service today. Even better is the fact that he got a bath. One of the best things about my Saturn dealer is that they wash the car every time I have it in the shop. This was the first time it needed cleaning this badly, so you can really tell the difference.

It's been, how long? Three weeks or so since the last time it rained? And yet there are still puddles at the far end of my driveway, under the shade of the eucalyptus grove. There's still mud, all along the way, too. I know because I have to walk through it every day when I get my mail. The car looked as if it hadn't been washed all winter.

In truth, it's only been three months. That is, since its last service. (In other words, it hasn't been washed all winter.) Now I can relax until the next service in April. If the weather clears up before then I might consider washing it myself, but that's not one of my favorite ways to spend precious time. It seems there's never enough time for the things I like to do, so I tend to put off those I don't like.

Who knows, though? Maybe I'll get as passionate about car care as I currently am about cooking. All last summer it was gardening that had my attention. Then came nasty old winter and I didn't want to be out in the mud any more. Now I'm spending all my free time in the kitchen, but there's no way I can promise that will last. I'm enjoying it now, but I'm kind of fickle about things like that.

To be honest, I can't see mucking about in the driveway with sponge and chamois taking the place of sautéing mushrooms and then letting them simmer in wine, which is what I did tonight. The results are much more rewarding.

23 January 2004

It wasn't until late in the day that the clouds started to break up.

Saturn also did two recall repairs while I had the car in today. One of them was replacement of a fuel filter with one that won't corrode as easily. That's probably a good idea. The other recall was for something I wasn't quite clear on. They tried to explain to me why the radio needs to go off when any door is opened, not just the driver's door. But I'm dumb about cars and that didn't make any sense to me, even when they characterized it as a child-safety issue. I still don't get it, but I let them do it. What do I know?

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Of course I knew Captain Kangaroo, and when I heard that Bob Keeshan had died today I remembered the Captain and Bunny Rabbit and Mr. Moose and Grandfather Clock and Mr. Green Jeans. But I also thought about Clarabell the Clown. My favorite TV show when I was very small was The Howdy Doody Show, and Bob Keeshan created the role of Clarabell, the silent, mischievous clown who teased Buffalo Bob mercilessly. I'll always remember him for the laughter he gave me back when laughter came so much more easily.

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