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Sunday, January 23, 2005

The fact that I did everything wrong today is probably good news in the long run. I mean, the idea that I got through a day like this might mean that Iím in better shape than I thought. Although I havenít quite finished surviving it yet, have I?

My sleeping pattern lately has been so off-the-chart ridiculous that I needed two naps just to make it to a time when I could start winding down for tomorrow. I donít want to belabor it, because Iíve probably had days that were this bad or even worse, but things seem to be catching up with me. The best-case outlook is that Iíve hit rock bottom and can look forward to better days ahead.

For some reason, I ate everything in sight today. I couldnít stop myself, and when I couldnít find any more bad things to eat, I rewrote my grocery list for tomorrow to add even more garbage, so that Iíll never run out of pizza rolls and Eskimo pies again. Not until I have another day when I eat them all at once, that is. By tonight I couldnít even look at a salad, I was so stuffed with cheese puffs and chocolate bars.

It doesnít seem possible that it could get any worse. And yet, I probably donít feel as bad now as I will tomorrow, when the reaction sets in. Maybe thatís the point. Maybe I have to suffer to get back on track.

No, what I have to do to get back on track is sleep. Thatís for starters, anyway.

24 January 2005

The sky is a hazy shade of winter.

Really, the day should be defined by what I didnít do. I didnít open up a single spreadsheet, nor did I do a lick of work. I sat and watched football, mostly, except when I was sleeping through it or getting up to get something else to eat.

If this is rock bottom, itís not such a bad place to be after all. I kind of enjoyed the decadence of the whole thing, but I like even more the notion that Iíve now got it out of my system. Tomorrow is another day (assuming I go to bed and sleep for a few hours between now and then).

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I was saddened by the death of Johnny Carson, who gave me hours of enjoyment nearly nightly for over half the years of my life. (And thatís a lot of years.) There was nobody like him ever on television, and thereís certainly nobody now who can hold a candle. His humor was wise and pointed and illuminating, without the meanness of Leno or the silliness of Letterman. Mostly, he was funny, but there were poignant moments on his shows that you just donít see these days. Iíve missed him since 1992, and even more now.

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