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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Iím still finding it a little hard to believe. Iím waiting for someone to tell us that it was all a mistake, and that guy from Texas (what was his name again?) is still in charge. Itís always hard for me to accept when things go well, because Iím so used to it all going wrong. Comfortable? Never. (And thatís probably as it should be.)

Itís also probably why Iím such a good driver. (I am, you know.) Iím a highly defensive driver, always looking out for the other guy and anticipating what heís going to do next. It takes my full concentration to drive this way, so Iím not much good at conversating whilst motorvating. No Bluetooth for me; it would be a waste.

It started, by the way, with a couple of accidents I had when I was a young driver. Only one was my fault, but I blamed myself each time anyway and ratcheted up the focus level. I havenít had an accident in over twenty years, not even a minor one where nobody gets out of the other car and starts screaming in your face. Itís been even longer for that kind. (ďYouíre sorry, right?Ē ďUh, yeah. Iím sorry, I guess.Ē)

Iím a defensive driver, but I also assume that people are going to do the right thing, and not go crazy for no reason. When I have the right of way, I take it. When Iím trying to get out of a big parking lot, I donít mind making my own lane if it gets me to the exit faster than the one everybody else is waiting in. People tend to get out of my way when I do that. Which is as it should be.

21 January 2009

new facility.

But thatís not what I came here to talk about. I wanted to mention what a big relief it was for me today when my two landlords showed up with a new toilet. They promised one last summer when they were here cleaning out the septic tank, but Iíd given up on actually getting it until they came out of nowhere today and put in the fancy new model with the little rolling basket in the tank that makes consistent flushing more of a sure thing. Iím relieved, in more ways than one.

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