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Friday, January 21, 2005

Would you like to experience a little sense memory of what it feels like to be a three-year-old? Try brushing your teeth with your opposite hand. If youíre like me and not the least bit ambidextrous, you wonít do very well, at least on the first attempt.

Itís not exactly a dare, but kind of an experiment. At Jeannieís suggestion, Iím trying to take pressure off my right hand and wrist by using my left for as many purposes as possible. I wasnít sure I wanted to devote myself to such a radical treatment, but I had to do something, because by midday yesterday the pain was excruciating and constant.

It helped that I trusted her advice. She knows what sheís talking about, and I know that she has my best interest at heart. So I was willing to make the commitment (although I wasnít sure how long Iíd last). The first thing I did was switch the mouse to the left side of the computer. Everything else flowed from there.

It wasnít a smooth transition. Take soup, for example. I heated some leftover soup for lunch and was trying my best to spoon it up with my left hand, but it was taking forever. I eat lunch on the run, you know, in the middle of the work day. I had to finish the bowl with my right hand.

Shave? I didnít even try it left-handed (and I wouldnít recommend any three-year-old do it that way, either.)

29 December 2004


Now itís been a whole day, and guess what? Itís working. Iíve had much less pain today than I have all week, just an occasional twinge but nothing debilitating. Iím keeping the mouse on the left, and though Iíll never be fully left-handed, Iíll do as much as I reasonably can. One big time-saving bonus: I play much less Solitaire now that the mouse is way over there. Itís a good thing something made me cut down.

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My audit today went well enough, thanks for asking. For a change I had the same auditor two years in a row, so she knew how to get here and pretty much what to expect. Then while she was here the Boss called and asked for something I should have been able to put my hands on and fax back to him in about two minutes. For the next 45 minutes, while the auditor was working quietly away, I was scrambling around the house, opening every file drawer and going through every box and pile. I never did find what I was looking for, but by that time it wouldnít have made much of an impression of my ďefficiencyĒ either way. How humiliatiní.

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