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Monday, January 14, 2008

This was like a Monday distilled down to all the worst qualities a Monday has to offer. It could have been better, if only everything hadnít happened at once. I have a hard time dealing with three critically important things going on at the same time, all demanding my full attention and all depending on me to keep cool and think clearly. Thatís when I really lose it. For awhile this afternoon I was looking for something to destroy. Thatís just how bad it gets at times.

For all the determination I try to have to make the world turn smoothly, thereís something inside me that keeps me from taking things as they come, even though I know Iím supposed to do that. Thereís something that wonít let me roll with the punches, even though I know thatís the right thing to do. I know I should cope better, but sometimes when life hands me lemons, I really donít want lemonade at all. I just want to suck on them and make a sour face.

7 January 2008

Cloud zoo.

There is one good thing about bad days: they end. And the best part of that is that almost as soon as a day like this is over, I can let it go. At least, I could this time. It was dark and dreary all day, which didnít help while it was going on, but it gave me an excuse (not that I needed one) to quit a little early. I was in the middle of the payroll, which I wish I could have done earlier but couldnít because of circumstances beyond my control. But I donít have to finish it until tomorrow, and then I can move on to the rest of the week, which will, I just know, be a cakewalk.

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