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Wednesday, January 4, 2006

I have to question my own motivation. So, you know, give me a minute.

Okay, Iím done. The verdict is: The reason I didnít leave the house today had nothing to do with the fact that my car wouldnít start for twenty minutes yesterday at the Rotten Robbie gas station. And itís not the mud, either, because (a) Iím not afraid of the mud, and (2) it hasnít rained since midday yesterday, so the mud has lost a little of its power to change my plans.

I think I just didnít feel like going anywhere, and since I didnít have any outgoing mail, and yesterdayís incoming was so light and fluffy, there was no compelling reason to go to the post office. Itís nice and cozy and warm and dry in my house, and without a good reason to visit the outside world, Iím content here. I did, however, have my door open for a while today, to let some of the fresh air in.

4 January 2006

My driveway entrance, seen from the road. (Reverse angle here.)

When I walked out to the mailbox tonight, it was worse than it was yesterday. My water guy made his delivery as scheduled this morning, and his truck made some new ruts and pushed the mud around a bit. I wasnít afraid of it, but I did turn down a chance to watch D.J.ís basketball practice tonight because I didnít feel like driving through it. Especially after walking through it. Yuck.

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The ten-day forecast shows the next rain coming in January 12. Which means it will probably pour tomorrow and my whole house and yard will slide into the road.

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If you are moved, as I was, by the sad story in Sunshynís January 1 entry, you might consider a donation to help with the legal fees to bring poor little Roo, who has no idea whatís happening, back home where he belongs. Itís so maddening that something like this is allowed to happen, but whatís really mystifying is why someone would coldly and deliberately do this to a child. Click the graphic to donate.

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