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Monday, January 7, 2008

Thereís no such thing as a ďroutineĒ day in January, and I should know better than to think in those terms, but today was about as normal a day as Iíve had so far this month. For that to happen on a Monday is kind of encouraging, but I know thereís a long way to go before all those deadlines hit at the end of the month. Still, itís comforting, in a way, to have spent the day doing what Iíve spent so many routine Mondays doing.

In fact, itís more than comforting to know that the payroll is done, this early in the week. Itís downright liberating to have the biggest task I do on a regular basis already complete and in the big envelope, ready to be dropped at the post office tomorrow morning. That will make it a whole lot easier to do the more complex and less familiar tasks that make up about ninety percent of my to-do list just now.

7 January 2008

Cloud aura.

It has now been more than four days since I talked to the Boss, and I initiated that last conversation, just before I lost power last Thursday. I called him to let him know that my electricity had been going off and on, and I might be unavailable at some undetermined time in the unforeseeable future. Itís always better if he has a heads-up, and little did I know how soon my prediction would come true. He did fax me a lot of typing on Saturday, and I got a fax from him this morning, so I know heís okay (not that I ever doubted it). Iím not complaining, just saying itís strange.

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