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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Thereís not much to say about a halfway day like today. It wasnít storming, but the sky was mostly cloudy, despite the sunís half-hearted attempt to come out for a bit at midday. I was halfway interested in the football playoff games on the tube, neither of which featured teams that are any better than about half a dozen teams that didnít make the playoffs. I had about half the energy Iíd have on an ordinary Sunday, which is way less than Iíd need to do half of what I thought I might get done today.

Since I never made it to the bank or the supermarket all of last week, I wrote a miniature shopping list last night, with the intention of making a quick strip to the store today for essentials like bread and bananas. But I knew as soon as I got up this morning that it would take more ambition than Iíd ever have on a day like this to make that trip. Iíll go tomorrow, with the full list. I know itíll be Monday, and things tend to happen on Monday to keep me from going through with plans, but I didnít make it today, so Iíll have to make it tomorrow.

This two-page to-do list that Iíve been staring at for the last week doesnít help much. Iíve crossed off the first seven items on page one, but those are things I have to do every week, so theyíll go back at the top of next weekís list, and everything else will stay where it is. At some point Iíll have to get to work and actually perform some of these tasks. Whatever it takes to do that, I didnít quite have it today.

5 January 2008

The other birch in my garden, the one that lasted through the storm.

I really donít expect another storm like the one we just went through, but then I didnít expect the one we got, either. It would make sense to get as much done as I possibly can while I have power and heat and a computer to do it all on. Iíve proven how useless I am in the dark and the cold, so I need to make a big dent in that to-do list while conditions allow it. And thatís just what I intend to do, starting tomorrow.

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