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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Greetings from the island. Thatís what you call a patch of land completely surrounded by water, right? I currently have a moat that even the mail carrier wonít cross, not that I blame her. Thank goodness I have rubber boots, or Iíd be just as stuck inside as everyone else is outside.

Fortuitously, I got the necessary errands done yesterday, and all I had to do was slog my way to the post office and back this morning, and then wade out to the mailbox by the side of the road this afternoon.

Itís odd how much of my life revolves around mail delivery (or lack thereof, actually). The Boss insisted that the company rent a box at the post office. I think he did it partly to protect me from having creditors know my home address, and partly to make sure I had to leave the house once in awhile. Because on days when thereís no mail, I donít go out at all. Sundays are my day to nest, for just that reason.

7 January 2008

Down the lane, at low tide.

Later... The rain has stopped late tonight, only to be replaced by a thick fog. If I felt isolated before, I feel abandoned now. And thereís no moon to lighten things up a bit. Off my back porch, I can see a single light in the distance, but even the near fence is hazy in the mist. Not that thereís any reason for me to be standing on my back porch in the cold and dark. Itís not a bad place to watch the stars on a clear night, but itís just kind of spooky tonight.

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