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Saturday, January 5, 2008

The power in my house came back on a little before 8:00 last night, but I never quite recovered from spending the last three hours before that in the cold and dark. If Iíd known for sure that I wouldnít have power all night, I probably would have gone to bed at 6:00 pm. But for some reason, with nothing to back it up, I had hope. I even phoned the utility companyís outage line one last desperate time, at about 7:15, and instead of the hopeless message Iíd been getting all day, they told me that there might be some new information if I called back at 8:30. So I stayed up in the dark, and I didnít have to call again, because the lights (etc.) came back before that deadline.

Itís raining again tonight, hard at times. The wind is blowing again, but not nearly as strongly as it did the night before last. The ground around my house canít hold much more water, so Iím happy that this series of storms is expected to end tomorrow. The sun came out, faintly and briefly, this afternoon, and that was enough to make some of the bigger puddles in my driveway a little less threatening.

I even made it to the post office today, though no farther. And when I came home, I took the shovel and redug the trench that protects my garage from flooding. Then I took the big broom and swept all the water out of the garage. I donít think anything important was damaged, but thereís no use taking a chance, especially since thereís no way to know for sure that the power will stay on long enough for me to get into the garage and dry it out again.

5 January 2008

The new top of the broken birch, or what's left of it. And a patch of blue sky!

The Boss wasted no time faxing me revisions of the proposal we were working on Thursday. Having lost a whole day, I was happy to get to the typing and make the corrections. I started as soon as I got out of bed this morning, and we were finished by 2:00 pm. At least, I assume we were finished, because thatís when he stopped faxing anything to me. He never did phone to discuss what was going on, and believe me, I didnít initiate that conversation either. Once you get started, itís hard to get out of that loop. I was still tired from the lack of sleep, and not in much of a conversational mood.

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