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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I donít have a lot to say today. Why? Because I had a good day. I managed to avoid the trap of getting caught up in anyone elseís problems. The Boss didnít call (in fact, I called him once), and I didnít hear from Julie at all. When the phone rang today, it was (a) a sales person I could blow off, and then (2) a wrong number (who called twice in a row, but I set her straight the second time when I realized she was transposing numbers).

Oh, and there was one other call. Out of the blue, I heard from the woman who now lives in the place I used to call the Home Office. Thatís the duplex in downtown Santa Rosa where I lived for twelve years before moving out here to the country almost six years ago. Somehow one of the companyís hardware suppliers is still sending catalogs to that old address, and the current tenant phoned to ask me if it was something I wanted.

I gave her permission to open the package. She was going to forward it to me, but I told her that I wouldnít ask her to do that, and if it was important Iíd come by and pick it up. ďAfter all,Ē I said, ďI know where you live.Ē I think I detected a little nervousness in her laughter. (But at least she had the grace to laugh.)

The catalog wasnít anything I needed. If these folks hadnít been able to figure out in six years that weíre not there any more, they must not be one of our critical resources. She said she would throw out the catalog and keep the box, if I didnít mind. I thanked her profusely for calling. She didnít have to do that. A lot of people wouldnít have. I probably wouldnít have.

25 January 2006

Looking from my mailbox back toward the driveway.

That phone call was a nice diversion, but most of the day was about working. I got more items crossed off my to-do list in one day than I expected to have done in a week. And thatís bad, because thereís less than a week left until the deadline. But itís good, because that much is now done. Iím now for the first time confident that I can finish on time. Iíve always known I could, but now Iím confident. Thereís a difference there that I canít quite explain.

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The Aís got a bargain when they signed Frank Thomas for $500,000 (plus possible incentive bonuses). Heís a bargain even if heís a shadow of the player he was as league MVP with the White Sox. In fact, they should probably base his bonus on how well Eric Chavez and Milton Bradley do, because his presence in the lineup will make other hitters better. Maybe his incentives should include something for how well they do as well.

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