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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Iíve reached the saturation point (and Iím not talking about another infusion of mud here). Iíve managed to put myself in a situation where thereís so much to do that I donít know what to do next. There were times today when I was paralyzed by the amount of work I have to get done by this time next week. It was time for a meltdown, but I donít have time for a meltdown.

Iím at that point in the process where I need people not to need things from me. Leave me alone and let me get through this, instead of constantly asking for something. Julie sent me a letter to type today, something the Boss had asked her to draft two months ago. She put it off then, and now heís bugging her about it so of course it has to be done immediately. This is how somebody elseís crisis becomes my problem.

Wouldnít you think that after yesterday Iíd be in an upbeat mood, ready to face anything? After all, something thatís had me down for a month was finally resolved. I should be happy, instead of ready to turn all my furniture into kindling and send the whole place up in smoke. I canít scream loud enough and I donít know enough cuss words to take the pressure off. All I can do is fume for a bit and then get back at it.

23 January 2006

From my back porch, over the fence: work in my driveway (yesterday).

Something got my juices flowing late this afternoon. I got a fresh burst of energy when I opened a bill from our workers comp carrier. That nice auditor who was here last month totally screwed up our payroll records, and as a result they are asking for an additional $3,200 in premium that I donít think theyíre entitled to. So I wrote a polite but severe letter, explaining the error of their ways and asking them to please get their act together.

Of course, I could be wrong. I would hate that, but itís possible, because I based the amount we paid on information I got from the auditor who was here a year ago. She gave me some advice that was supposed to save me some money, and I reported our payroll based on that advice. Now it turns out that either she was wrong, or this yearís auditor was in too much of a hurry to take the new reporting criteria into account.

It all comes down to that Ė which auditor was right. Since the auditors are independent contractors and donít work for the insurance company, the company might not be bound by what the auditors tell me. Especially since I didnít get anything in writing. It was one of those, ďOh, everybody knows that. Hereís what you should be doing...Ē deals. As if Iíd been stupid for overpaying all these years.

Now Iím feeling a little stupid whichever way this dispute turns out, but at least it gave me the energy to get through the rest of my day. Thereís a lot to be said for that (but not $3,200 worth).

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I had a quick conversation with my mail carrier today. There was a package that wouldnít have fit in the mailbox, so she brought it to the door. She remarked on what a good job theyíd done in the driveway and asked if Iíd been stuck here all this time, or if Iíd had to park out on the road. I informed her, as I looked at her truck, that my little Saturn had managed to get out every day I really wanted to. She kind of shrugged and said that the post office trucks donít have much traction. I donít know if thatís true; I suppose it could be, but Iím also guessing people who live in snowbound parts of the country manage to get their mail delivered somehow.

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