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Saturday, January 22, 2005

I got pissed off today and needed to throw something or break something. Then I remembered Iím one-handed now, and I got even more frustrated. I look silly trying to throw left-handed. (For that matter, I look sort of foolish throwing right-handed, but donít tell anybody.)

Because my landlord never fixed my door assembly, I couldnít even slam the door. That would have been a mildly satisfying gesture, slamming the door in the face of the fates who decided to jackknife a tanker truck on the blind curve on my street, just at the time I was coming home from the post office.

Why must everything happen to me?!?

Anyway, I got over it. And I know what youíre thinking. Anticlimactic denouement, right? But in a way, thatís the best part of the story. I didnít break or throw anything because I couldnít, so there was nothing to regret later when the feeling passed. I still have marks on the walls from the old days when I let things get to me and could do something about it. It never helped, and it just got worse later when I realized what Iíd done.

11 January 2005

A cloud.

So what have we learned from this?

Well, nothing, really, because I knew all this long before I ever had the urge to slam doors. In fact, itís a lesson Iíve learned so many times in my life that youíd think Iíd have internalized it by now. Sometimes incapacity is the mother of restraint, and Iíll have to settle for that for now.

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When I got to where the truck was sprawled across the road, there was a guy there signaling drivers to turn around. That means I had to go out to the freeway and up to Llano on the Sebastopol highway, about six miles out of my way. I made it in much less time than youíd think possible (or legal). The worst part (I guess) is that by the time I got back to my street, the jackknifed rig had been cleared and was nowhere in sight, and traffic was flowing freely around that curve. Oddly enough, thatís when I lost it!

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