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Wednesday, January 5, 2005

For the last few weeks, a new friend has been visiting the acreage. Lately the big, fluffy, gray and white cat has been here nearly every day. It comes and goes, but itís obvious my yard is part of its territory. Iíll see it at any time of the day, walking from the old oak toward the garden, or meandering through the side yard, or slinking behind the structures in the back. Sometimes Iíll drive up and see it scamper across the driveway to safety.

This cat is a behemoth. Itís as big as a beaver or a koala (or as big as I imagine those creatures to be). It seems to solidly built, but itís a little hard to tell with all that fur. It seems well-groomed enough to be somebodyís indoor cat, and at times it will sit on my back porch as if it thought it had the right to come in and sit by the fire or lap milk from a saucer.

Even if I were inclined to invite it in, I donít think Iíd want to contend with that much cat hair. Iíve been that route in a past life, and I can tell you that you never get all the hair out of the carpet or from behind the furniture, no matter how good a housekeeper you are. And we all know thatís not one of my strengths, this business of cleaning.

I think this cat is going to be good for my yard. Several times Iíve seen it stalking something either on or under the ground. Itís hard to see because of the high, thick grass, and when it pounces it doesnít come up with anything, but Iím hopeful. I know there are rats and gophers out there. Iíve seen the evidence. I just hope the cat isnít stalking its own shadow. At least it seems to be leaving the birds alone.

29 December 2004

Sunlight on clouds.

It might be a while before I get a photograph of the big gray cat. It seems even more skittish than the cream-colored cat that died in my planter box last year. It takes off as soon as it sees that Iím watching. Thatís probably not a bad policy for either of us, but I wouldnít mind a picture for the scrapbook, especially while itís still alive.

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I think itís fine that the 49ers fired their coach and general manager. That was a necessary start to the recovery process, after a season when they were the worst team (by far) in the NFL. Itís just too bad they canít fire the owner, too, because thatís where the real problem lies. I donít see much hope as long as that doesnít change.

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