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Saturday, January 5, 2002

This is different from making resolutions. Let's get that straight right away. This is more like, recognizing something that needs to be done and doing something about it. Or, finding a way to make the whining stop.

Some things I can't do anything about. Let's face it, the slow dial-up connection is here to stay. They're not going to string the right wires, or dig up my street, or whatever it takes to give me DSL or cable Internet access. So what can I do? I'm trying to convince myself I'm better off anyway, without the temptation to stay online always and forever. Besides, the hit-and-run way I connect leaves me much less vulnerable to all the bad people who want to steal my soul. They can't see me if I'm not looking.

Other things I can do something about. Instead of being miserable every day because of the lousy haircut I got (in November) I can stop putting it off and get another one. I know it'll be better, because it couldn't be worse. The kids go back to school next week, so the wait at that place in the mall should be less. I'm just this shy of putting on a hat, and I'm not a hat person. I just can't bear being seen with what looks like a bad comb-over. It's not, and besides, I'd rather be bald than look this ridiculous.

And I can start making that list of things I want. Yes, I'm ashamed to admit that I'm not completely satisfied. I want more stuff, and the only way to get any of it is to make that list and start eliminating things I can't afford. If anything's left, bingo! It'll probably be either the vacuum (a necessity) or the fish tank (I just want one, okay?). The camera, the leather recliner and the cell phone will have to wait until I win the lottery (which I never enter) or the football pool (no chance).

It's funny, but I really thought the sun would shine today. Just because yesterday was sunny, and because I wanted a warm, dry Saturday, I didn't consider that it might turn out differently. I even made plans — to work in the yard and to go to a movie. Canceled and canceled. It rained steadily and drearily, all day long, filling up the ruts that were just beginning to dry out. Lakes that had gone back to fields became lakes again.

Ordinarily, even on a day like this, I'd have to slog down the driveway to get the mail out of the box, but fortune smiled today. The DVDs I ordered on New Year's Day (at 12:15 am) arrived, and the mailman brought them to my door, along with the rest of the mail (which wouldn't have been worth slogging for). So hurray, not only could I stay in sweats all day, but tonight I watched Annie (the Disney version). For a lousy, rainy day, this turned out great.


This is what I have to walk through to get from the house to the garage.

I had occasion to go through some old photographs today, and I'd just like to say one thing. People, label your family photos. Do it while you still know who's who (or while someone who does know is still around). I saw pictures of people today who I think are relatives, but some day (not this week) I'll have to go through them with Mom to see if she recognizes them.

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