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Thursday, January 6, 2005

Where did this week go? I canít believe itís almost over. Something got away from me, but I donít know how it happened. All my vivid plans to get a head start have been bleached and shredded. I know itís my fault, but I canít figure out what brought me to this point.

Well, I guess I do know part of the answer. When my phone lines werenít working, I kind of gave up on getting everything done that I had in mind. It was supposed to be repaired in one day, but it took two. That got me from Monday morning to Wednesday afternoon with one arm tied behind my back.

Having lost one day of getting out of the house, I tried to make up for it today. But I got a late start and then got hung up in line at the post office and by the time I got home half the afternoon was gone. Half the afternoon, and most of my energy. Itís a good thing I found a little pocket of time and a tiny burst of energy this evening, or even more bills would have been paid and mailed late.

Iím not ready to admit Iím in over my head. I am, but Iím not ready to admit it, because I think I can dig my way out of this. I think I can use my time to better advantage and get things done more efficiently. I donít exactly know for sure that this will happen, but Iím almost convinced that I can do it. If. If what? Thatís where Iím a little fuzzy.

29 December 2004

Cloudy winter afternoon.

It was important to me to get to the office supply store. There are forms I needed, and even though I probably wonít use them for at least another week, having them here, staring me in the face, is an important part of the process. At the very least itís one less excuse for not doing what I need to be doing.

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Iím not picking NFL playoff games this weekend, but if I were it would be easy. Iíd take all the home teams except the Seahawks. They could play the Rams eight weeks in a row and never figure out how to beat them, especially now that the Rams have their quarterback playing again. I think Mike Holmgren, the Seahawks coach, is in the wrong place anyway. Thereís a coaching vacancy in San Francisco. I wonder if he knows that.

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