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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A day that starts out with a phone call that jangles me from an already fitful sleep probably isnít going to end well, either. But itís probably going to end better than it starts, because itís going to end with a little of the sleep that was cut off at the beginning. Anyway, thatís what Iím hoping, that it ends well, because the middle was kind of a muddle.

If only the Boss knew how much less productive his early phone call made me, all day long. And it was totally unnecessary. Heís working on an estimate for a job that bids in two weeks, and he faxed me the name of a company whose phone number he wanted me to look up. Then he called me, in the middle of the night (or so it seemed to me), to tell me that heíd sent the fax. At least he still doesnít know I have a cell phone, or he might have texted me, too. (Thatís a joke, because I doubt he would know how.)

When I reminded him that I canít get on the Internet while the fax line was plugged in, he understood (I think) that he wouldnít have his answer right away, at least not until he stopped sending me faxes. But eventually I got him the number he wanted, and as far as he knew that was the beginning of a bright and useful day, when in fact it was the first half hour of a dreary and nearly useless one.

25 February 2009

Cloud characters.

The hopeful part of all this is that Iím so tired I might get to sleep a little earlier tonight, and if the phone doesnít ring too early tomorrow, Iíll no doubt have a better day. If only he knew how much these early interruptions affected me. Itís the down side of working at home. Itís almost enough to make me forget the up side.

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