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Friday, February 25, 2005

There have been years when the only reason I could think of to go to the county fair was to watch the baby pygmy goats butting heads with each other. Those tiny critters were more entertaining than all the side shows in the carnival and all the aluminum siding exhibits in the main pavilion. Put together.

As far as I know, Aiden has never seen the baby goats, but somehow heís decided he is one. His new game (and his most sophisticated one yet) is to come right at you, square his tiny shoulders, and try to bang his head into yours. He has no concept of pain avoidance, his or yours, so itís up to you to take any safety precautions.

When he tried it with me last night, Iíd never seen him do it with anyone else, so I was caught by surprise. After he banged me in the head he looked up and laughed, then backed up and did it again. I was happy to see him enjoying himself, but I didnít really want this to go on all night. I could smell trouble a-brewiní, if you know what I mean. Heís only nine months old, but I didnít find any soft spots in his head any more.

But thatís not his only new Aidenism. If you say ďhiĒ to him, heíll look at you and wave. Sometimes heíll have his big Aiden smile when he does it, but at other times heíll look very serious about it. The wave is a side-to-side gesture at chest level, as if heís been riding on a parade float for a couple of hours and is just a little tired of waving.

He has the arms-up touchdown (or three-point basket) move mastered as well. Ask him how big he is and heíll show you. ďSo big!Ē with a big grin and his hands above his head. He loves to laugh, but even more than that he loves to entertain. Anything that amuses the big people (or his older brothers) is fun for him, endlessly. And if itís fun for him, itís fun for us.

12 February 2005

At close range.

Heís also crawling now, really crawling on hands and knees rather than scooting around on his toes the way he did for so long. Heís very fast, too, and sneaky. When he scampered toward the kitchen to see what the dog was eating, I sprawled out in the entryway, blocking his access. Pissed him off royally.

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Itís not spring yet, but spring is less than a month away, and the acacias are in full bloom. My nose registers this annual phenomenon before I even notice the yellow buds all up and down my street. When I see them, I no longer have to wonder why I canít stop sneezing every night. With all the rain weíve had, this is going to be a spring and a half, I can already tell.

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