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Sunday, February 24, 2008

The night sounds were ominous, as if an ocean liner were docking outside my bedroom window. The rain and wind made tremendous noise all night long, and when I got up this morning and peeked out, the first thing I noticed was that I couldnít see anything, because of the streaks on the window. When rain falls sideways like that, it tends to amplify the dirt thatís already there. I guess Iím going to have to wash those windows one of these days. And I just might.

The second thing I noticed this morning was that it wasnít raining. And in fact during the day we had more wind than rain. There was one loud shower that hit in the early afternoon and dampened the grass, but the wind blew so hard before and after that I think the grass must be as dry tonight as it was after three weeks of no rain. For long periods this afternoon, I stood at the window and watched the grass shimmering in the wind and the tree branches bending and swaying madly. This kind of storm can be quite a show.

22 February 2008

Sleeping cloud monster.

Despite the storm, this time the power didnít go out, and the toilet didnít stop running. Maybe itís because I spent the weekend thinking about it and worrying about it and obsessing over it. That always seems to help.

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