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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Itís easy to stand back and criticize the way other people do their jobs, or live their lives. The further back you stand, the easier it gets, because all those Others out there blend together into a population of not-you people who donít seem to have been given the same advantages you have. You have a clue, and they obviously donít.

Maybe thatís the problem. Maybe youíve been hogging the clue.

In my case, I know thatís true. I try very hard not to interfere in the aimless meanderings of my fellow creatures, even when itís obvious that theyíre missing the point. Itís like being the only rat who knows its way through the maze, except that in my case the other rats, despite the fact that they keep bumping into walls, are getting all the cheese anyway. Thatís why they donít care that they donít have a clue.

When I was in the supermarket this morning, I would love to have made some changes in their standard operating procedure. When there are more than two carts in a checkout line, Iíd want them to call for another available checker, automatically. Store employees who are filling online orders by pushing those gigundis carts around the store? No more than one of them allowed in any aisle at any one time.

It all seems so simple and obvious. They should figure it out for themselves, without having to use my clue. I might need it in my own life, and I would have wasted it on the fine folks at the local market. Get your own clue, and soon. I shop once a week, and youíre there every day. Figure it out. Iíll be back.

16 February 2009

The last storm, settling in.

If I were to share my clue with anyone, it would be on sheer impulse. I would probably waste it on someone driving without heed to other drivers, slowly rolling down the road looking for an address on the wrong block, or stopping in an intersection to tie down the loose load in the back of the pickup. ďPull over and do that,Ē Iíd say without thinking, and then Iíd have to start over, looking for a new clue.

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