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Monday, February 16, 2009

The problem with tinkering with the calendar so that holidays fall on Monday is this. For some people itís a holiday, while for otherís itís just another Monday. Even if I were to take the whole day off, that would leave just four days to get through Friday, when I always need five. At least.

Before this day started, I didnít know how it was going to go. I didnít even know if the Boss had made it back down from the snowy mountains, but that question was answered by a fax he sent me first thing this morning, before I even got out of bed. Even then, I wasnít sure what Iíd need to do, until the Kennel employees faxed me their time cards (second thing this morning). Thatís when Presidentsí Day became just another Monday.

This isnít a complaint, exactly. I like getting work done, and knowing exactly what has to be done helps keep me on track. I was planning on doing something on the Big Project, but that can wait. In fact, even after doing that small Kennel payroll, and paying a few bills, I would have had time to move on to the other project. But thatís when the holiday faded away, because the faxes just kept on coming. At least I kept busy enough that I didnít relive my long, lethargic Sunday.

16 February 2009

Between storms today.

So it turned into more Monday than holiday after all. I managed to find enough urgent tasks to keep me busy even beyond the usual quitting time. I take enough breaks during a regular day that I can afford to play it straight up on Presidentsí Day. Itís not as if Martin Van Buren or William Henry Harrison would be offended that I worked today. George W. Bush, maybe. Now, there was a president who believed in taking time off.

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