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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Naturally, D.J. wanted to play Ro-Sham-Bo with me as soon as I got to his house tonight. Once he latches onto something like that, heís going to hang on until something else attracts his interest. Last time, he told me I was his favorite visitor, because Iím the one who always plays with him. ďNot always,Ē I reminded him then. I didnít want him to assume that I belonged only to him, even though Iíd always like to give him the attention he needs and wants. Itís just that thereís not quite enough of me to go around.

The trouble this time was that Iíve been having pain in my wrist for the last few days. I donít know if itís a cyclical thing or something to do with the colder weather weíve been having, but the constant pain I felt last year had mostly subsided, until now. So I explained this to D.J. And he decided we could play left-handed, which we did for a while, until I insisted he think of a new game. And, of course, being the creative child he is, he did. Thinking of something to do, and explaining it endlessly, is not much of an obstacle for him.

15 February 2006

Sunset clouds, moving on.

The wrist might turn out to be an obstacle for me, though. Pain has reared its ugly head at the worst possible time, when my work load is at its heaviest. It takes an awful lot of typing to get through the Big Project, and (yes, itís true) I got more pressure today to get it done as soon as possible, if not sooner. Iíll have to find a way to work through it. And I will. Because I have to.

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Not to make excuses or anything, but how much bad luck is one curling team from Bemidji, Minnesota, supposed to have to endure? You get the idea itís not exactly their Olympics, this womenís team that beat the Swedish world champions last year and had a simple draw shot to beat them again in a critical match today in Torino. Didnít happen. Skip Cassie Johnsonís final shot that would have given the U.S. team its second victory picked up something on the ice and slid hideously sideways into the boards, giving Sweden the win the U.S. needed. This time it wasnít bad play that beat the team from Bemidji, just bad luck.

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