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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

One of these days Iím either going to have to take down half of my journal entries or find some way of explaining them to the people I work with (and for). I donít know what Iíd write about (half the time) if I didnít complain about work (every other day or so). Maybe the journal will outlast those technically challenged folks, but thereís always the chance the Bossís son-in-law, who is a programmer, will figure out what Iím doing here. What he does with that information is up to him, but I doubt he has any more reason than I do to share any of this.

Besides, and this is pretty much the position Iíve decided to take from the very beginning: itís all made up. I use real names of family members, and they all know about it (except Aiden, and if he objected Iíd give him a cool nickname). But Iíve never revealed the name of the company, or what we do (except to a few people who have asked me, and they have no axe to grind either).

And Iíve definitely never used the Bossís name, or Timís (itís not Tim), or even Julieís (her name isnít Tim, either). So if they have a problem, let them Google themselves. It wonít lead them back here. And if it does, Iíll deny everything. Itís all made up. The Boss and Tim and Julie are just ďcharactersĒ in an elaborate ďlieĒ that Iíve constructed for my own amusement. And Iím not paying for my web space with the company credit card. No, not at all.

7 February 2005

Big clouds.

I had a long conversation with the Bossís ex-wife today. I tell her pretty much everything thatís going on, mostly because she likes to hear it and I know she wouldnít use it against me. Iím not so confident that Iíd share my URL with her, though. The fact that I keep an online journal never comes up in conversation, so thereís no temptation anyway.

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Itíll come back around.

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