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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Saturday? What is this ďSaturdayĒ? The only distinction today had over any other day this week was that the rain and wind have come back to batter my untethered screen door against the side of the house. Oh, and I didnít get up until 11:00 am. But other than that, it might as well have been a Tuesday.

In fact, Iím not sure the Boss knew it wasnít actually a Tuesday, the way he kept faxing me changes to a specification weíve been working on. Iím not sure what the urgency was, but I was sitting at the computer anyway, so it was no big deal to knock off his revisions and fax them back.

That wasnít the real reason I got less work done today than I planned on, though. The real reason was that I had more work to do than I thought I did. I couldnít reconcile the January bank statement because I hadnít done the January check record. That took up most of my time today, and the other tings (certified payroll reports, cost analysis reports, things like that) will have to wait for another day. Maybe my Sunday will be yet another Tuesday, one more time.

The storm didnít start pounding hard until the middle of the afternoon, after Iíd already come back from the post office. I thought I had secured the screen door well enough, but as the wind picked up, I could hear it creaking, and then banging. Having been through an all-night creaking and banging session during the big storm last month, I wasnít prepared to endure the same thing for however long this storm was going to last.

Itís a good thing I remembered to unlock the back door before I went out the front and kicked the screen door closed. Not quite satisfied that Iíd made my wishes known to the overly animated inanimate object, I stacked some bricks in front of the door to keep it from swinging. Then I had to wade all the way around the house, through the high wet grass, to let myself in the back door. Which, fortunately, Iíd left unlocked.

I just hope there isnít a fire or some other disaster, because now I canít get out the front door, and by tomorrow the back porch could be underwater. Again.

22 February 2008

Bare walnut tree.

I knew trouble was a-brewiní this morning when the shower drain took longer than usual. Itís been working perfectly since the last storm, but we know what groundwater does to a system like that out here in the country. And then tonight I flushed the toilet and as I was walking away I heard it say, ďBwup! Bwup!Ē We know what that means, too. It could be a long siege this weekend.

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