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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Six months ago, when I last saw my doctor, he gave me the option of postponing my blood work to try to get my cholesterol in shape. So I set out on a journey that included a slightly better diet and way more exercise than Iíd been living with up to that time. Over the six months, Iíve had a few lapses with the diet, but Iíve pretty much stuck to the workouts, doing twenty to thirty minutes four or five times a week. That isnít enough to make me awesome, but it might be enough to make me presentable. I was mostly trying to get the cholesterol levels within some kind of normal range.

My weight wasnít much of a concern during all this, although of course I would like to feel comfortable with what Iím carrying around with me. I donít like to weigh myself too often, because itís so easy to be seduced by minor daily fluctuations. In fact, after checking my weight at the start of the process and once a week or so for about a month, I didnít check again until today. I donít know what possessed me to step on the scale this morning, but I did it with a little bit of fear that I hadnít lost anything in all this time. I was even afraid I might have gained a few pounds.

So the shock that registered when I realized Iíd lost 23 pounds in six months was enough to make me wonder if there was something wrong with the scale. But no, apparently not. I hate to admit it, but I started at 192, which is way too much for someone of my height. Iím not that big-boned, you know. When I saw that the scale today read 169, I blinked to make sure that it was just below 170 and not just below 190. I really had a hard time believing it.

Now, 169 is still too much, but itís the least Iíve weighed for a long time. Twenty years ago, I dropped thirty pounds, from 175 to 145. Howís that for perspective? That was the first time I realized that (a) I needed to lose weight, and (2) it was possible. Somewhere in the meantime I lost my way, but the doctorís incentive got me headed in the right direction again. Knowing Iím doing something right will keep me on that path for a little longer. Iíll probably never get to an ďidealĒ weight, but with luck Iíll never be as far above it as I was in August.

7 February 2008

Growing through the fence.

As for the blood work, Iím thinking that the longer I put it off, the better the results will be. Besides, I never saw the advantage in going to the doctor when I felt just fine. So I plan to steer clear until I have something to complain about. (Actually, I havenít seen much in the way of positive results from going to the doctor when I didnít feel okay, either. But thatís another kind of complaint.)

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