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Friday, February 24, 2006

One of the worst things that happened during Aidenís personal Hell Week is that his parents were told by the health care people to whom they entrusted their son that he would be so much better so soon that it would be like ďnight and day.Ē Well, itís still night, and although he is a little better (in that heís eating a few bites here and there, at last), heís nowhere close to being well.

He was asleep when I saw him today, as I was dropping D.J. off from school. While I was there he stirred, tried to open his eyes and look around, then whimpered and curled back up. Thank goodness heís getting sleep and plenty of fluids, because he needs both of those badly. But thatís not Aiden. I mean, heís a bit of a grouch when he first wakes up, as are so many of us. But this was painful to see, because he was so obviously hurting.

How do you maintain hopes without raising expectations? Well, you should probably know what youíre talking about. Some of the diagnoses Aiden has had during the last week have later proved to be wrong. His condition was way underestimated, and part of the blame falls on those at the hospital who didnít listen to the people who know him best. They knew something was wrong, and yet they were dismissed as if they had no right to express an opinion.

And now here we are, waiting for a miracle, when the process will probably take a little longer than we were led to believe. It turns out itís probably not a ďnight and dayĒ miracle we need, but rather just a little more time to heal. Itís nice that they tell us what we want to hear, but the truth would be even better.

15 February 2006

Clouds moving in (or out?).

And now Kylie has the stomach virus that Aiden has had for several days, separate and apart from his pneumonia. At least the two older boys are with their father for the weekend. That takes them out of immediate danger and makes the commotion level in the house a little more manageable. By the time they come back next week, maybe things will be closer to normal. That would be like night and day, compared to how they are now.

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The Canadian menís curling team played a brilliant game, totally dominating the Finns and putting the game away with an amazing (and record-tying) six points in the sixth end. That gave Canada its first gold medal in Olympic curling, and the U.S. menís team won their countryís first curling medal of any color when they beat Great Britain for the bronze today on a last-shot draw to the button by skip Pete Fenson in the tenth end. Miss it and they lose, make it and they win. The weight was perfect, the line was perfect, and the result was an 8-6 win in a brilliantly played game by both sides from start to finish. There was no curling to be seen that could match what the Canadians did today, though. Every shot they called was the right one, and they hit nearly every one perfectly. The final score (which, by the way, was 10-5) doesnít even matter when the superiority of one team is so obvious. Itís a real treat to watch a game like that, but it could be the last one Iíll get to see for four years. I sure hope not.

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