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Sunday, February 24, 2002

It was a gorgeous Sunday in the North Bay, so naturally I stayed inside and worked all afternoon. I had the gold medal hockey game on the TV, but it was just background noise most of the time. Whenever I heard "Score!" I'd press the TiVo rewind button and watch the goal. Then I'd get back to work. So, despite what I said yesterday, I guess that disqualifies me from moving to Canada anyway.

This afternoon, I even had the TV off for awhile and put some jazz on the CD player. It's been so long since I've done that, but all the Olympic events were over and NBC wasn't going to show us the closing ceremony until prime time, three hours late as usual. (At least I could watch without worrying that something terrible would happen.) I feel good about the work I got done today, although I probably should regret not getting out in the sunshine while it lasts. I'm going to try to stop regretting so much, though.

One thing I don't regret is devoting so much of the last seventeen days to the Olympics. I know there are plenty of people who take no interest at all, and some who are even offended by the excesses. But I loved everything about it, even the controversy. Even the commercialism. I'm serious. I'm going to miss the Chevrolet Olympic Moments. And I'm really going to miss Jim McKay; I hope NBC invites him to Athens in 2004.

And I love that the cheaters were caught and stripped of the glory they stole from athletes who chose not to try to get a step ahead of the drug tests by using new substances. May their names be vilified. May their lessons be learned by future competitors. It wasn't worth it, was it?

Now that it's all over, I'm going to get back to reading in the afternoons, and listening to music during the day. I'm not going to be tied to the television set for three and a half hours every night. At least, not until baseball season starts.

almost sunset

Almost sunset, with a hint of purple sky.

The colorful Closing Ceremony included a celebration of the diversity of American music, with a little something for everyone, from Dianne Reeves to KISS — and that was just within the first two acts. Plus, every skater who's won an Olympic medal in the last twenty years seemed to be there. And the only-in-Utah sight of Donny and Marie singing "We Are Family." It was sad to see the flame go out, but the Salt Lake City organizers gave the athletes a great sendoff, full of sights and sounds and hope.

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