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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Thereís something basically wrong with a month that has only 28 days. If it can get away with that, it might as well try to trick us in other ways as well. Thatís why every day in February has 23 hours, and every hour has 55 minutes. Itís not all bad that this is a short month, but it does tend to complicate things like bill paying.

Letís say youíre used to paying your rent on the thirtieth day of the month. Itís not due until the first, but you like to get it in a day or two early. Donít try that in February. The longer you wait for the thirtieth, the later your rent is going to be.

So thereís less time to do what needs to be done, and the first of March just kind of drops itself right in front of you and smacks you in the face. Here it is only February 24, and yet we only have four more days to deal with the month.

Not only that, but my car insurance is due so soon after the first of March that there arenít enough paydays between now and then to cover it. Iím not sure what Iím going to do about that.

So when I told the Boss the Big Project would probably done by the end of February, what I really meant was the it will not be done by the end of February. Until today, Iíd held out hope. I mean, Iím finally caught up with what Iím supposed to be doing this week.

But here comes the end of the month and all those extra responsibilities, and Iím just not ready. I blame whoever invented the calendar. (I think it was Hallmark, but Iím not totally sure.) A little variety is nice and all, but this is ridiculous. You canít give it 28 days and call it a month. It just doesnít work. Itís not even enough of a month for that long a name.

22 February 2005

Last remnants of the storm.

As for the days being shorter, I think part of that is my fault. I didnít intend to be wide awake at 4:30 this morning, but thatís how it worked out. By then, even though I finally fell asleep shortly after checking the clock, it was too late to get a full nightís rest. So I had to take a little nap during the day, and that made the day too short, too. Ze cycle, she is vicious.

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Obviously, the folks in Palau have never watched Survivor. If they had any knowledge of the show, they would have broken up the power couple when they had a chance. Not that sleepy, antisocial Ashlee was a bad choice to vote off, of course. But it should have been Kim, who floated through the immunity challenge (literally).

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