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Saturday, February 26, 2005

It takes a lot to get me out of the house on the weekend. The stars have to be aligned, I suppose, and the movie has to start late enough that I can sleep in, but not so late that I canít get back before dark. Oh, and it has to be somebody elseís idea. Left to my own devices, Iíll vegetate. As proof, I offer nearly every Saturday journal entry for the last five years.

Itís been so long since Iíve seen a movie in a theater that I was foolishly nervous when I set out to pick up Mom for our trip to the Rialto this afternoon. As always, my biggest fear was looking ridiculous. What if we got there late? What if the parking lot was full? What if we couldnít find good seats?

Iím always a mess of emotional doubts when confronted with an unanticipated situation, and I remembered having to drive away from the theater a year ago, simply because of factors of time and space. By the time Iíd driven around the parking lot a couple of times, it would have been too late to make the start of the picture even if we had found a spot. Is it any wonder I stay home most of the time?

But today we had better luck. I had to squeeze into the last free spot in the lot, a little too close for comfort to the Camaro in the next stall. There would have been more spaces available if so many people hadnít decided to take up more than one spot.

It worked out, but I got a little tense walking through the lot to the lobby entrance, because so many drivers were circling, looking at cars and not people. If Iíd had a baseball bat or a steel pipe with me, I donít know if I could have resisted doing some damage. Thatís what I get for staying home all the time. Iím ill equipped to deal with traffic, human or vehicular.

7 February 2005

Whipped clouds.

For someone who stays home all the time, it was odd to have someone I know sit behind me, since neither of us knew the other would be there. It was actually Momís friend Lottie, but since I know her, too, Iíll count it as a real event. It was good to see a movie made for grown-ups. The silence in the theater was respectful to the film, and the laughter was genuine and knowing. Iíve been at too many showings where the audience forgot they werenít alone in their living rooms. Thatís probably why I so rarely leave home. But today was a real treat, including a wonderful movie Iíve been wanting to see for a long time.

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Even though Sideways was nominated for five Oscars, I donít expect it to pick up many big awards tomorrow night. Still, it would be nice to see a movie like this validated with at least some recognition, at least for the script, which is very funny and moving at the same time. I wouldnít mind an acting award or two, but the very best performance, by Paul Giamatti, was for some reason overlooked by the Academy.

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