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Sunday, February 27, 2005

For a while this afternoon, I stood at the window and watched the awesome power of nature at work. It was raining so hard that it was as if a sheet of translucent glass had been lowered out of the sky between me and my garden. I watched out through windows on all four sides of the house, and it was awe-inspiring.

From my windows I canít see the road, but I can see the lights of the vehicles coming from several hundred yards to the south. I thought if I stood and watched long enough, I would probably see cars skidding into each other. Weíre not used to this much rain at one time, and it made me grateful that I didnít have to be out in it today.

Then I thought of the people who were out in it, especially Mom. She went to a dinner on the other side of town, and I didnít relax until she phoned to let me know sheíd made it home. Neither of us has a cell phone, but a day like this gives me a clue as to why people carry those things around with them all the time.

Even yesterday at the movies, a man sitting in the same row as us took a call, right in the middle of Sideways. His phone rang (or rather, it sang its little e-ditty) two or three times before he answered, then he clambered over us and talked all the way up the aisle as he made his way to the lobby.

If I had a cell phone, it wouldnít be on when I was in a theater, or pretty much any other public place. Anyway, I wouldnít let it ring during tense dramatic moments in the dark with a few dozen people around. Thatís just wrong.

21 February 2005

Clouds arriving before the storm.

Either this is the beginning of another series of storms that will end up sinking us further into the muddy mire, or itís one of those boomers that blows through in a hurry and leaves us high and (more or less) dry the next day. Tim offered to bring me a load of gravel for the driveway. I was supposed to go to local suppliers and price the stuff today, but I had no intention of doing that, even before the storm. All this rain was just the excuse I needed to stay home as planned (and as necessary).

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I didnít think Iíd seen more than a couple of the nominated movies until I started watching the Academy Awards tonight. Then I counted on my fingers as the nominations were announced, and I actually saw eight of them. Of course, that includes I, Robot, The Village and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, all of which got barely mentioned in passing. But I saw at least one nominee in almost every major category, and two in some. So I think I have a right to say that Kate Winslett and Virginia Madsen were robbed. (And that I donít think Jude Law needs Sean Penn to defend him.) (And that the tape over Robin Williamsí mouth is long overdue.)

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