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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Since I was still working on last weekís to-do list, I didnít get around to making one for this week until today. Now Iím almost finished with Mondayís tasks. The trouble is, itís Wednesday, and Wednesday is all but over already. Iím falling behind, and falling faster every day.

I have no excuses this time. None that Iím desperate enough to use, anyway. Right now it just seems to be happening. I work and work and put out product (as they say), and still my in-basket is filling up faster than my out-basket. This turn of events contradicts all laws of physics that I know of.

On the other hand, physics was my worst subject in school, until I got to college and took economics. But at least I believed in physics, even if I didnít quite grasp it. I think now I didnít try hard enough, because it seems like an elegant and necessary thing to know. Iíd take a night class in it if I didnít have to pass the math placement test (but letís not go there).

Economics, on the other hand, seems a shade less applicable to the real world than alchemy, astrology and the curative power of snake oil. Economics is all theory, and it doesnít matter if the theory is right or wrong, because you canít prove it either way. Itís all a big lie that feeds on itself, so that whatever you do as a result of the theory changes the theory, which changes the result. Itís like the snake that swallows its own tail.

If physics worked the same way, I could probably tell you why my in-basket fills up faster the harder I work, and the out-basket never shows that Iíve done anything, even though I keep going through task after task (once I get around to writing the to-do list). Maybe Einstein could explain it. Didnít he have a learning disability?

21 February 2005

Clouds in the west.

A couple of weeks ago I foolishly promised that the Big Project would be finished by the end of this month. I canít say that Iíve made no progress, but thereís no way Iíll be able to keep that promise. I should have known better, I suppose, since Iíve never had it done before the middle of March. But I took most of the Monday holiday to work on it. The only problem with that strategy was that it ratcheted the daily work down to the rest of the week. Thatís what you call swimming in quicksand. (Or maybe not. Ask Einstein about that, too.)

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Three of the four contestants eliminated on American Idol tonight were not much of a surprise to me. I had them ranked in the bottom third of the competition, based on their performances earlier this week. I was kind of stunned to see Judd Harris leave, though, because he was one of my favorites. I canít complain, though, because I didnít vote for any of the boy singers. (I did vote for Carrie Underwood among the girls.)

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