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Monday, February 23, 2004

My coping mechanism is currently on the fritz. I have a harder time than I should have dealing with life's little annoyances. And as you know, life is filled with little annoyances. Sometimes I think little annoyances are the plaster that holds my life together. The bathtub tile of my existence would be leaking if not for the grout of life's little annoyances.

Sometimes I'm in awe of how I can look at the world, read the news every day, and still focus on a paper jam. Maybe that's a sign that my coping mechanism is working just fine. It's just using transference to keep a deeper despair at bay. Instead of feeling helpless to prevent people across the world from killing each other, I can cuss out the guy who cut me off in traffic, and then keep going to the bank (and cuss out somebody there, if need be, too).

There were so many things I wanted to get done today, and so many reasons I couldn't do them all. I should be satisfied that I kept busy all day, but no matter what I was doing, I could always think of two or three other things I should be doing.

In fact, right now, I should be finishing the work I interrupted so I could study for my ASL test tomorrow. And paying my utility bill so they don't cut off my gas and electricity. And studying some more. And voting — I need to mail my absentee ballot. It's all too much!

23 February 2004

Some blue sky between the clouds.

Let's try this again tomorrow. If I don't go do something, anything, right now, I won't sleep tonight. For the eighty-seventh night in a row.

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I thought I heard thunder tonight, but when I opened the door all I could hear were frogs, crickets, a bawling calf and a low-flying plane.

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