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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

I had to do a bit of overcoming today. I woke up sick Ė so sick that I went back to bed for two hours. That wasnít going to get me through the day, though. Since I didnít have to make any speeches (or sing any anthems), a sore throat couldnít be allowed to defeat me. Challenges are made to be conquered.

Well, okay, maybe I didnít build any bridges or feed the starving millions today, but I did engineer two confrontations with the Boss and came out on top both times. Itís not much, but itís more than I could have expected when I was lying in bed suffering this morning.

The first was when he complained to me that he was having trouble finding a prime contractor who wanted our bid on a project heís been working on for a week. I didnít say that he should have thought of that before he put all the work into it. Then he complained that if we bid it ourselves, one of us (ahem) would have to drive through the rain to pick up a bid bond, if we could convince the bonding company to issue one based on the incomplete financial data for last year.

Thatís when I gently reminded him that the very reason we donít have complete financial statements yet is because of all the times someone (ahem) phones me with some kind of busywork or distraction that tears me away from the Big Project. ďI really thought Iíd be further along by now,Ē I told him. Chalk one up for the harried bookkeeper.

Then later in the day the Boss told me that heíd found someone to take our price, so all of the earlier gnashing of teeth was irrelevant and superfluous (although he didnít use those precise words). He had also decided that he didnít want to keep me from working on more important things, and he hit me with the old ďlet me know when you think youíre ready to get someone to help you.Ē

Ha! He knows I donít want anyone to do what Iím doing. I donít want anyone else to do payroll or pay bills or accumulate information and create spreadsheets. So I told him that it would be most helpful if he could find someone to do Everything Else, such as looking through trade papers for new projects, and dealing with government agencies, and filling out endless, tedious forms.

I think I hit home with that one. He got very quiet, as if he were actually thinking about what Iíd said. Nothing might happen, but on the other hand heís not a dummy. He knows how to keep the money coming into the business, and now I think he knows a little bit more about what I do, and how we can maximize my contribution by keeping the nits and gnats from buzzing around my face.

28 January 2005

Eastern sky.

When I was lying in bed this morning with a raging sore throat, I didnít want to get up at all. After getting on my feet and working through a few things, I was glad I hadnít given in. By mid afternoon I was feeling more or less like my old self. (Whether thatís good or bad Iím not sure, but itís definitely better than I expected.)

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I drank herbal tea instead of coffee this morning, which might explain why Iím having a hard time keeping my eyes open tonight. But Iíll have to get back to my morning coffee tomorrow, now that I know that it prevents liver cancer. Unless this is just some statistical anomaly, like the correlation between sidewalk cracks and maternal lumbar distress.

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