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Thursday, February 17, 2005

D.J. came wandering up the walkway this afternoon, and the first thing he asked me is if my lizards were hibernating under the bushes. I had to tell him that they were indeed hibernating, but they were doing it in a secret place where even his inquisitive almost-six-year-old prying eyes wouldnít be likely to find them.

Believe it or not, that satisfied him.

Then he rambled up the stairs. Weíve discussed in the past that thereís nothing up there that could possibly interest him. Itís where I throw all the clutter. I asked him, ďWhat if thatís where Iím hiding your birthday present?Ē

ďWhere is it?Ē he asked. ďI want to see it.Ē

Itís nowhere, because I havenít figured out what Iím giving him yet. I only have a couple of weeks, but he gave me the very broad hint that his favorite Ninja Turtle is Leonardo, because he has swords coming out of his back. Not being a Ninja Turtle fan myself, I have to take his word for it. Heís not getting anything with swords from me, no matter what part of the body they come out of.

He did find something interesting upstairs, of course. He wanted me to come up and see the spider he found. It was just a harmless Daddy Long Legs, but heís a little spooked by any spider since one bit him a couple of weeks ago. That being the case, maybe my house isnít the best place for him to live, although he keeps asking if he can move in with me.

Of course he can, if he still wants to when heís old enough to pay rent.

Naturally, being almost six, he found the kitchen and hung out in front of the open refrigerator door looking for something to eat. He asked if I had any toast. I think he saw the butter and made the association from that. Who knows how his mind works? But I made him some toast and gave him a glass of milk, and he was perfectly happy.

Itís always a pleasure to have him here, even if he does wear a person out. Thatís his job, I guess, and heís good at it.

12 February 2005

D.J. on the loose.

He and his mom were here for only about an hour, while she used my computer to print invitations to his upcoming birthday party. That should be worth a few lines here, and maybe a couple of photos.

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I didnít want to ask D.J. why he was wearing his pajamas at 3:30 in the afternoon, but he volunteered that since this was Tuesday, it was pajama day at school. Actually, itís Thursday, and today was the only day they were wearing pajamas at his school, but itís a good story anyway.

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