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Monday, February 7, 2005

The good news is that I have two refrigerators full of leftover soup. The bad news is that it isnít chicken soup, which is probably what I really need right now.

Whatever it is that knocked me down today, it didnít keep me down. It just slowed me down. I took preventative measures, but they were ineffective. I went to bed early last night (10:30 pm! me!) with a dose of flu medicine. Not only did I not get to sleep for two hours, but it also weighed on me all morning. It was like walking through glue.

It made me cranky, too, whatever this was. I ran into a few snags with the bills I was paying, and I got so furious with the whole situation that when the Boss phoned and I answered, he said, ďOh, you sound better.Ē

ďNo, Iím just pissed off,Ē I told him.

And I also told him that part of it was his fault, for miscoding last monthís credit card bill. The rest was my fault for not double checking his work. It took me a good hour and a half to straighten it out.

Iím not sick, though. I keep telling myself (and everybody else) that. I just feel lousy. Thatís not the same thing, is it?

7 February 2005

Mottled sky.

But we persist. I muddled through the day, and Iíll muddle through tomorrow. Itís the night in between that has me worried. Iím so tired I canít sleep, I guess. It canít go on forever, though; I already know that.

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Part of my bad mood is because we still have no money. I had to use a credit line check to fund this weekís payroll, and I got worried when there wasnít anyone I recognized at the bank when I went to deposit it. I was sure Iíd have trouble, that they would want to put a hold on the check, but one of the managers who knew me came out of the vault to approve it, so I was saved. Then later the Boss asked if Iíd borrowed money yet, because heíd arranged for a deposit on a new job to be delivered to my house tomorrow morning. That was too late to do me any good today, but every little bit helps.

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