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Sunday, February 6, 2005

Itís possible to avoid all the pre-Super Bowl hype after all. I know, because I managed to do it this year. Part of it is the fact that the newspaper vending machine outside the post office has been refusing to take my quarters all week, so I couldnít read about it. And I havenít strayed over to CNN since it started turning into Fox News. And I donít watch Sports Center when it isnít baseball season.

See how easy it is? It didnít even take much of an effort. I couldnít avoid the game itself, because what would I have to say to people tomorrow if I didnít watch the Super Bowl today? Besides, thereís nothing (and I mean nothing) else on TV tonight. What am I going to do, pretend I havenít watched XXXVIII other Super Bowls over the years?

Some people think this is a national holiday. For some, itís time to get together with family and friends and eat and drink and hoot at the dropped passes and missed tackles and complain about coaching decisions and clock management. For me, itís a good time to stay home alone and make soup in the crock pot.

With the slow cooker going, I had a perfect excuse to hibernate. I got up early (early-ish, for me, for a Sunday) and chopped celery and onions and the like and got things going. I had to stick around and stir it up every hour or so. It gave purpose to my Sunday, even more than the game did.

28 January 2005

Cloud creature.

Plus, as an extra bonus, tonight I have enough soup to feed an army. And not a small army either, but the entire cast of Braveheart. It came out mighty tasty, if I do say so, but I had so much left over that it filled three large plastic storage containers. I might have to go door-to-door tomorrow trying to get rid of it. (I couldnít sell it. It isnít that good.)

Maybe I should have had people over to watch the game with me after all.

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Without a vested interest, I had no reason to care which team won the Super Bowl, so Iím marginally happy that the better team won. It suits my sense of justice. It was a moderately entertaining game, not one of the greatest ever but close enough to be exciting in the fourth quarter. The highlight for me was the Paul McCartney performance at halftime. And is it just me, or was this an off year for commercials? Can I remember any of them? Oh yeah, the Layís ad with MC Hammer. Kind of low for a high point.

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