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Saturday, February 5, 2005

If you have two refrigerators in your house, you should probably try to remember to check both of them before you make your grocery list. Otherwise you might end up with more lemons than you need and more celery than you could possibly ever use. I know whereof I speak.

Also, while weíre on the subject of refrigeration, I have a cautionary tale for you. I was planning on making soup in the crock pot today. The fact that I didnít get around to making it isnít the point. Not really. Itís just another unfortunate side effect of sleeping late on Saturday morning.

Or maybe itís a side effect of not remembering what Iím doing from one minute to the next, because I did sleep late, but not all that late. And when I got up I thought about chopping up celery and onions and getting the soup started, but by the time Iíd made a pot of coffee Iíd forgotten about everything else.

It doesnít really matter, because I can make the soup tomorrow. Or the next day, or whatever day I actually remember for more than ten minutes after I crawl out of bed. As I said, this isnít the point.

Since I didnít make soup this morning, I didnít know until tonight that the plastic container had a tiny leak. However, lucky for me, the beer didnít leak all over the refrigerator. It leaked into a bowl of hard boiled eggs on the shelf just below. So I ended up with dry beans and beer-soaked eggs. Neither of which is recommended as a Super Bowl snack, I suppose, but Iíll survive the tragedy.

Tomorrow I plan to make soup. I put beans in beer tonight (Iím running out of beer, since I donít keep it in the house normally) in a glass container. No leaks.

28 January 2005

Threat or promise?

The eggs? I wish I could tell you that Iíd invented a new delicacy and was ready to become Martha Stewartís apprentice, but once you get the shell off you canít taste the beer. Alas.

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If it werenít for the great subject matter and the great acting and the great music, Ray would be just another showbiz biopic. Lucky for me, it turned out not to be a waste of two and a half hours watching the movie tonight. However, I strongly recommend selecting the theatrical version, because the way the extended version is set up is kind of a herky-jerky mess. When an extra scene is inserted, you get a freeze frame and an annoying logo on the screen. And it doesnít really add much to the movie. Maybe watch the extended version with the commentary track, but on first viewing, itís extremely distracting.

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