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Tuesday, February 10, 2004

It was almost one of those days that are all tunnel and no light. I was feeling a mite poorly, as they say where my people come from. A little light-headed, as if I hadn't eaten enough, and a little bloated, as if I'd eaten too much. Tuesdays are hard because I have to eat dinner early so I can get to class on time. That's why I usually skip lunch and have a sandwich before I leave. It's my worst food night of the week.

This was payroll day, and Tim found a way to complicate things even more than usual. He managed to have his crew on two different job sites, one in Southern California and one in the Bay Area, with two different prevailing wage rates. That's too much information on one time card. I hate it when I have to squeeze two numbers into one little box. It makes me want to take my pencil and deface the walls with it.

Plus he had two more of his guys quit on him and hired one new one.

I didn't know for sure if I'd even get out of the house to go to my ASL class tonight. I tried to cut my work day short so I could go over the video one more time. It was okay to fast-forward through the finger spelling, because I know the ones I'm supposed to know and can't find a way to make it interesting any more. It's all those other signs that are hard to remember, but they're also what makes the language so unique and appealing.

Naturally, I lost track of time and had to wolf down my sandwich and race out the door. It wouldn't be so bad, but we have to get there so ridiculously early or we won't find a parking space. I picked up Suzanne, we picked up coffee, and I managed to drive between the white lines (unlike last week, when I found myself in heavy traffic straddling two lanes). And when we got to the JC, the parking lot was nearly empty.

So we sat in the nearly empty parking lot, drinking coffee and talking (in English). We got to the classroom just as the Italian students (studying the language, that is, not actually from Italy as far as I know) were leaving. And leaving and leaving. They seem to have a hard time gathering all their things and walking out the door once their class is dismissed. You'd think our hovering over them would help, but it doesn't.

Ah, but then came the light. The class is so much fun, even with all the hard work, that it makes even the longest day seem a little better. We went through a gazillion new signs tonight, some of which I even remember. And we had our story time at the end.

It was all so cool that I think I can even face the fact that there are three more days to work before I can sleep. Sometimes I need to be reminded that life isn't all payroll and angry creditors. I'd say I need to get out more, but then when would I ever sleep? And if I took more than one class, how would I find time to study?

9 February 2004

Unretouched photo of the orzo with spinach, tomato and basil that I made last night.

I don't know how full-time students do it, except that most of them aren't working for my company and none of them have to deal with my boss. That doesn't mean they don't have their own tunnels to negotiate, though.

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I still haven't decided who to vote for. Whom. I know. Another Democrat, Wesley Clark, gave up the chase tonight. Now we're down to five - Kerry, Edwards, Dean, Kucinich and Sharpton. In about that order of likelihood, even though Sharpton outpolled Kucinich in both of today's primaries. Shoot, Carol Moseley Braun got more votes than Kucinich in Tennessee, as did the now-defunct Joe Lieberman. I still have a couple of weeks to fill out my absentee ballot. I won't be alone here in Sonoma County, where it turns out that a third of all voters do it by mail. In my case I have no choice, because there's no polling place out here in the sticks where I live. I'm a precinct unto myself.

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"Every time something is revealed that contradicts the notions that lead him toward the course of action he's already decided upon, he finds a creative reason to disregard whatever wisdom and truth the rest of the world sees and comes up with a new excuse to keep going in the same direction."

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